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Motion Binax - Siemens Hearing Aids

Signia Siemens Has REPLACED the Motion Binax with the Motion Primax. Click Here to See the New Motion Primax.

Siemens Motion Binax SX NP hearing aids The Motion Binax is a (BTE) Behind The Ear hearing aid with all of the features and improvements of Siemens Binax technology. Binax processes 20% faster than Micon and has added many new features that improve speech intelligibility in the most demanding listening environments. The Motion uses a size 13 battery.

Motion models are very robust. They are IP67-rated for resistance to moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt for greater reliability. All Motion models include a telecoil for better hearing in facilities with induction loops, such as places of worship, theaters, and public buildings. Motion also comes with tinnitus therapy signals to provide relief from the irritating “ringing in the ears” of tinnitus. Motion Binax offers the industry’s lowest battery consumption, meaning you enjoy the benefits of the best listening experience all the time without having to worry about battery life. It is available in the 7bx, 5bx and 3Bx feature levels.

Binax is an advancement considered a complete revolution in audiological engineering. Two independent clinical studies have shown Binax to outperform normal hearing certain difficult listening situations, like restaurants and cocktail parties. This world’s first engineering delivers perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality audibility.

Information from both ears is used to localize sound sources, maintain spatial orientation, and understand speech better. This is especially helpful in noisy and challenging listening situations. By using the advantages of hearing with two ears, or binaural hearing, Motion brings you cutting-edge technology to deliver the most natural listening experience possible.

The Motion Binax fitting range can accommodate from mild to profound hearing loss. It can accommodate progressive hearing loss over time. Siemens hearing instruments are always on the leading edge of quality hearing aid technology. Binax includes these new features: Spatial Speech Focus, Narrow Directionality, Spatial Configurator, Binaural eWindscreen and e2e Wireless 3.0.

Prices and Warranty

Levels   Phone App   Channels   Learning   Rechargeable   Bluetooth   Bundled   Unbundled    
3bx   Y   24   Y   Y   Y   1,375.00   1,155.00    
5bx   Y   32   Y   Y   Y   1,790.00   1,570.00    
7bx   Y   48   Y   Y   Y   2,215.00   1,995.00    

Warranty - Manufacturer's 3 year warranty with 5 Binax and 7 Binax. 2-year warranty with the 3 Binax. Warranties includes loss and damage coverage.

0% Payment Plans - Payment plans at 0% are available for up to one year. Low interest payment plans are available with terms up to four years.

Click here for more information about Bundled and Unbundled


  • A superior binaural listening experience
  • Directional microphones that help you better focus on conversation
  • Premium wireless connectivity for convenient control
  • Telecoil for connection and transmission of speech directly into your ears in facilities equipped with an induction loop, such as places of worship, theaters, or public buildings
  • A tinnitus therapy feature to help manage tinnitus and improve hearing at the same time
  • Superior nanocoating protects from corrosion and water damage
  • Motion SX and PX models have convenient rechargeability for hassle-free handling. Convenient hearing aid with rechargeable batteries for hassle-free handling. Change batteries once a year instead of once a week
  • e2e wireless 3.0 transmits 1000 x more data per second than the previous generation of transmission technology
  • IP67-rated for resistance to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt for greater reliability. Can be immersed in over 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.
  • Motion SA features direct audio input via an optional audio shoe compatible with FM systems
  • Rocker switch(s) for program or volume adjustments
  • Two clinical studies have shown that binax provides better than normal hearing in certain demanding environments (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT)

Available Colors

1 Beige, 2 Granite, 3 Gray, 4 Brown, 5 Black, 6 Silver, 30 Golden Blonde, 31 Sandy Brown, 37 Dark Champagne, 60 Candy Pink, 61 Galactic Blue, 66 Dark Granite, C5 Spirit, C12 Elegant

Siemens Motion Binax Colors

Available Accessories

Siemens the Charger Hearing Aid Battery RechargerThe eCharger will completely recharge your hearing aids in 5 1/2 hours. Then you can use them all day and all evening. The eCharger gives you the freedom to not worry about purchasing batteries and it's a simple and safe place to store your hearing aids when you're not using them

easyTek Siemens easyTek Bluetooth Streamertransforms your Binax binaural hearing aids into a high-quality, stereo headset. The smart multi-function button lets you turn easyTek on and off, answer a phone call, change listening programs or easily switch audio sources like music players, TVs and more, with just one button. The straightforward volume controls allow you to change the volume of your hearing aids. LED lights give you important information, such as when it's time to recharge the battery. Discrete, it can be worn underneath a shirt.

The easyTek App lets you see the status of your hearing aids on your smartphone's screen, stream sound from audio sources, or use it as a remote control. And because you can make all adjustments with your smartphone, changing your hearing aid settings simply looks like sending a text. With the easyTek App you can adjust to listening situations by using it to make easy and discreet program and volume changes adjustments. Use the app to smoothly change the bass and treble of your environment according to your listening preference. Easy to use and easy to get, just simply download the touchControl App to your Android or iOS smartphone on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Siemens easyPocket sleek, simple remote control places all your hearing aids' options at your fingertips. Large, convenient buttons and an easy-to-read display make accessing the features of your hearing aids easier than ever before. Siemens EasyPocket remote control.

Touch Control AppSiemens Touch Control App for Smart Phones Turn your smartphone into a discreet remote control for Siemens hearing aids – and enjoy a high level of handling comfort right at your fingertips without any intermediary device.

Adapt to changing listening situations by using the touchControl App to make easy and discreet program and volume changes adjustments. Use SoundBalance to effortlessly change the bass and treble of your environment according to your listening preference. Easy to use and easy to get just simply download the touchControl App to your Android or iOS smartphone on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The best part is that the download is free!

VoiceLink is very useful in noisy environments like classrooms and conferences. With VoiceLink a hearing aid wearer can hear speech as if the person wearing the microphone is standing close by. VoiceLink is paired with easyTek.Siemens Voice Link Microphone and Transmitter

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