Pure Micon - Siemens Hearing AidsSiemens Pure Micon Hearing Aid

Overview - Siemens Pure Micon is a moderately small RIC (Receiver In the Canal) hearing aid that includes all of the Micon features offered by Siemens. It is IP 67 rated, essentially making this hearing aid waterproof, sweat proof and dirt proof.

Why we recommend Pure Micon - We recommend Pure Micon to new users or those who have worn hearing aids for some time. Both groups are very pleased and enthusiastic with the results. Patients who have reported avoiding noisy situations notice a dramatic improvement in speech understanding in challenging environments. This remarkable technology reduces stress and cognitive load making

  Channels Learning Rechargeable Bluetooth Bundled
3mi 24 Y Y Y $1,575.00 $1,350.00
5mi 32 Y Y Y $1,775.00 $1,550.00
7mi 48 Y Y Y $2,150.00 $1,925.00

socializing enjoyable again. If you struggle in: Restaurants, Worship Settings, Cars, Groups - Large or Small, Office Settings, Warehouse or Factory Workplace Settings, Pure Micon will put an end to struggling!

Discreet - Most individuals want a hearing aid that is discreet. Siemens Pure Micon is a RIC (Receiver In the Canal) instrument that is small,

Siemens Warranty Included
Loss and damage replacement coverage included
Level Years
3mi 2
5mi 3
7mi 3

rechargeable and versatile. The receiver holds a certain capacity or volume. The ability to change the receiver to allow more volume eliminates the need to purchase new hearing aids. This Receiver In the Canal hearing aid provides an excellent overall value.

Less Adjustment - Patients don't feel as if they have to continually "play" with their hearing aids to be more comfortable. The technology automatically assesses your environment and suppresses any sound that isn't speech. If you're used to a volume control, users are thrilled with the way Micon technology automatically adapts and learns their preferences. After a couple of weeks, a user only occasionally needs to adjust volume. The hearing aids are so intelligent they remember your choices, assess the environment and automatically make the adjustment. That's exciting because you can enjoy social activities of any kind and forget you're wearing hearing aids.

Why Pure - Our #1 professional recommendation for most of our patients is Pure Micon. Users report that the technology sounds more like their normal hearing and are impressed that understanding speech is much easier and less stressful, even in very noisy environments. We are so happy that our patients now easily and quickly accept wearing hearing aids and that they're pleased with our prices. There is one downside to Micon technology for us; we don't see patients as often as we'd like because they don't need as many follow-up visits.

6,000 times more processing power than that used to put the first man on the moon

18 million transistors processing 250 million instructions per second
48 channels with frequency resolution
12 kHz frequency range

Features Include: