Remote Controls

Siemens and Rexton offer remote controls specifically designed for their hearing aids. Remote controls allow you to adjust your hearing aids without having to touch the aids. Some remotes allow two-way communication so that you can not only control your hearing aids but you can also see certain information about the status of your hearing aids. Select remote controls are now incorporating Bluetooth® technology. Siemens latest offerings are the Easy Pocket Remote and the Easy Tek Streamer.

Siemens EasyPocket Remote Control - Can be paired with any Micon hearing aid.  Large convenient buttons and easy to read display. The Easy Pocket has features you don't normally find in a hearing instrument remote control. Price $225.00 ea.
  • Volume up and down buttons
  • Program Change Button
  • Resets hearing aids to a default program and volume
  • Mute and Unmute hearing with your hearing aids
  • Auxiliary Menu allows you to set the time and alarm.  You can also view battery status and contact data
Siemens Easy Pocket Remote Control

easyTek - Easy to use reliable streamer that seamlessly connects external audio sources with Binax hearing aids. Connects Bluetooth devices (cell phones, TV iPad, iPhone, Android), FM systems, VoiceLink, stereo systems, laptops and more. Discrete, it can be worn underneath the shirt. Price $345.00 (Without Transmitter), Transmitter Price $99.00

  • Discreet and convenient one-touch operation with the intuitive multifunction button
  • Automatic situation detection and adjustment of the function and controls for streaming, phone calls, programs, and external audio sources
  • Correct placement for reliable operation and excellent sound quality, thanks to the neckloop antenna
Siemens EasyTek Streamer
Siemens ePen Remote Control - The ePen remote control is stylish and discreet, and does not call attention to your hearing loss. It’s small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or small handbag. Accessorize your lifestyle with this discreet hearing aid remote control solution. Price $195.00 ea.
  • Discreet
  • Sleek
  • Stylish
  • Easy to use
Siemens ePen
Siemens ProPocket Remote Control - The ProPocket works with Siemens Premium levels of technology and will allow you to train your hearing aids to sound just the way you like them. The SoundLearning function in your hearing aids stores changes in volume made by your remote. Once your hearing instruments have learned your preferences for different environments, they will automatically adjust when in that situation. This remote also offers an on/off function for your hearing instruments. The large, easy to read buttons makes The ProPocket perfect for those with dexterity issues. Price $175.00 ea.
  • Conveniently Arranged Buttons
  • Large Easy to Read
  • Simple to Control
  • Easy to Access
  • Sound Learning Function Stores Volume Changes
  • On/off Function for Your Hearing Instruments
Siemens Pro Pocket
Siemens Tek and MiniTek- You live in a connected world. Mobile. Instant. Always on. Every day there's some new way to be entertained, be informed, be in touch. The Tek® wireless enhancement system uses Bluetooth® technology to transform a hearing aid into a personal wireless headset, connecting you to all of today's most popular audio devices. Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled remote control connects TVs, cell phones, mp3 players and video games to your hearing instruments. The TEK works with select models of Siemens latest hearing aid technologies. Price TEK $415.00 ea., Mini TEK $445.00 ea.
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • Connect to Multiple Audio Devices
  • No Need for Earbuds or Headphones
  • Hear in Stereo Hands-Free with All Your Bluetooth Devices
Siemens Mini Tek and Tek
Rexton Remote Control - With wireless technology, you can put the control of your instruments at your fingertips with an optional remote control. Easy, inconspicuous, and individualized. Price $175.00 ea.

Rexton Remote Control