Hearing Aid Battery ChargersSiemens eCharger

Siemens Hearing Aid Charger - Siemens has one of the better hearing aid battery chargers on the market. If you are using Siemens hearing instruments, we sell chargers that include two rechargeable hearing aid batteries.  The rechargeable batteries last a little more than a year.  Your hearing aids will charge in 5 hours and are good for all day and all evening use. The charger also acts as a dehumidifier, that helps eliminate the moisture from hearing aids that can over time have an adverse effect on the circuit. If you have arthritis or any condition that makes it difficult to move your fingers, or you simply want convenience, The eCharger may be for you. The eCharger also reduces battery waste making it eco-friendly. Price $140.00 ea.

Rexton Hearing Aid Charger - With Rexton's optional charging unit, there is no more worry about dying hearing aid batteries or losing power at inconvenient times. Similar to charging a mobile phone, the instruments are ready to run all day after a six-hour charge overnight. For added convenience, many of our BTE's are also compatible with standard batteries. The charger also includes a drying function that removes harmful moisture from the hearing aids, improving long term reliability and performance. Eliminate daily hearing aid battery hassles and try our worry-free charger. Price $130.00 ea. Rexton Charger